About Us

Shinol Inc. has been providing high standard Facility Services such as, Commercial Cleaning, General Contracting & Staffing Solutions for over 25 years in Ontario. Our company is characterized by able leadership, a skilled workforce, excellent labour relations, a strong safety record and good customer relationship. We are working hard to capitalize on our proven capabilities and safety record. 


With the leadership of a strong long-term senior management and a crew of experienced and professionally trained employees, Shinol is the choice of many clients seeking a service provider that is stable, proactive and 100% Canadian owned. With many years of experience in Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Retail, Pharmaceutical and Health Care facilities, Shinol is committed to utilizing our experience and resources to meet the ever-changing demands and objectives of our clients. Shinol provides services utilizing the 5S program in support of Kaizen certification as well as extensive knowledge working in GMP and 6 Sigma compliant facilities.