Hiring Practices

We look for employees who are highly motivated, who have the right attitude, a good work history that demonstrates trustworthiness and reliability along with references from previous employers and thoroughly screened, including background checks.


We clearly communicate expectations to maintain a positive working relationship. We recognize employees for their hard work and their contributions and input or should they need to express concerns.

Extensive training

We ensure that all of our employees complete a 4 hr WHMIS training program and Environmental health and safety training. We demonstrate our cleaning methods to ensure understanding and follow up with supervision and reinforcement training.

Proper equipment and supplies

We provide our employees with the best tools and equipment. We ensure our carts, janitorial rooms and supplies are well organized and in good condition.


We frequently supervise our employees to ensure complete understanding of expectations and quality of work. We complete monthly audits of facilities and weekly walk through with facility manager.

Quality Control

We have designated zonal supervisors who does regular physical inspections and internal audits. Our in-house Performance Management system, keeps a track of all such activities and sends out reports of all weekly, monthly, quarterly visits to our clients. While our robust system facilitates two-way communication, job scheduling and creation of work orders, we are also compliant and are working with other platforms that our clients use as well .


We ensure regulatory compliance and maintain all current product MSDS sheets.